Pray That Many Abducted Ukrainian Children Will Soon Be Reunited With Their Families

As we joyfully celebrate Christ’s Resurrection this Easter season, would you remember to pray for an ongoing heart-wrenching situation and urgent need?

As you may have seen in the news, more and more is coming to light regardingUkrainian children being taken away from their parents — and even directly from orphanages — and placed in Russian “re-education” camps.

Sometimes these children were taken out of Ukraine via outright abductions. Other times, parents on the front lines and often under fire were coerced to give up their children to the “safety” of a Russian summer camp … “for their own welfare.” After many false promises of their return, some children were told they could only leave if one of their parents came to get them. More than 6,000 children are now confirmed to be trapped in 43 camps throughout Russia.

A Family for Every Orphan (AFFEO) has experienced partners in Ukraine who are working with proper authorities to make the daunting journey to rescue these children and reunite them with their parents and caregivers.

One such partner, Nikolai Kuleba, told us of desperate parents begging for help to get their children back. But the processes and negotiations beforehand are complex, and parents require guidance for the actual journey to pick up their children. The trip takes more than two weeks — covering thousands of miles through four nations. And these trips are often delayed due to the resistance of Russians at the border.

“The main thing … is to act promptly, because in such situations, every minute matters. The Russians can change the child’s documents, give him/her the status of an orphan, and then send him/her to an orphanage. Next is the adoption by a Russian family, [after] which is practically impossible to find children,” Nikolai adds.

Nikolai’s team, Save Ukraine, has rescued more than 100 children; their hearts’ desire is to get many, many more, but they urgently need resources to fund these rescue and reunification efforts. Will you pray that the Lord would provide the resources to rescue these children and reunite them with their families?

Please also pray fervently for:

these faithful partners on the ground in Ukraine, as they work tirelessly to bring children held in Russia back home to their parents.

children and families who are currently separated, for protection and a swift, safe, and permanent reunion.

children and families who’ve been reunited, for continued healing, support, and provision for their futures.

Thank you so very much for your prayers to rescue these most vulnerable children and restore families in Ukraine! We are grateful … and hopeful for more rescues until all the children are safely back home.

*** Please click on the links here to view documentation of Save Ukraine’s efforts on CBC News and CNN. Also, don’t miss this important joint statement regarding Ukrainian children held in Russia.***

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