Prayer for Endurance in the Midst of Deep Suffering

The war continues on with damage and death tolls rising. Combat hot spots are only increasing with danger and cities like Maripol are unrecognizable due to bombing and shelling.

Precious children and families are going without sunlight, water, and heat in order to find protection underground. The physical, mental, and spiritual toll on the Ukrainian people is extreme. They need our prayers now more than ever. 

We ask for special prayers for:

  • Protection for partners going into these hotspots. Many drivers are no longer willing to go as combat increases.
  • Divine wisdom for partners evacuating vulnerable children and families. Evacuation routes change quickly. Pray that the Lord would guide them through each step of the way. 
  • Children processing trauma. Pray that they will take the time to grieve instead of pushing hard emotions away and for endurance knowing that God’s story isn’t over yet. 
  • Safety for all displaced children to be received by adults who will cherish and care for them.

Let us pray.

Jesus, we praise you for all the evacuations of the Ukrainian people. Thank you for their safety and the opportunity to provide food and shelter in a time of unimaginable suffering. While we thank you for this, we also know that there are still so many more that are trapped in the midst of combat. Provide protection and supernatural wisdom to our partners as they guide children and families to true safety where they will be loved and cherished. Please allow each Ukrainian child to process their emotions of grief, anger, and sadness with a safe adult that will show them your love. Let this experience of suffering not trap them in despair, but lead them to your redeeming love. May the joy of the Lord be their strength.

“…For I will turn their mourning into joy. And will comfort them and give them joy for their sorrow.”

-Jeremiah 31:13

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