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Rescue a Child from War & Freezing Temperatures

Children in Ukraine are facing life-threatening conditions from freezing temperatures. Our partners in Ukraine report that a child’s greatest needs right now are warmth and protection from freezing temperatures. So many are living in basements and root cellars in combat zones or bullet ridden homes without heat.

We’re working to raise $9,500, which will provide evacuations and survival kits for 100 children in Ukraine as they make their journey to safety! 

Will you help?

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The survival kit you provide will be filled with winter necessities, food, and even have room for a child’s favorite toy. Each kit is a bridge from constant fear to hope of safety, warmth, and survival.

help keep children in Ukraine warm

Baby Veronica, only six months old, spent the majority of her life with shelling constantly overhead. She and her family lived in a high combat zone in Ukraine. They had been left without light, gas, and communication since February!

Thankfully, AFFEO partners were able to reach Victoria and her family to evacuate them to safety, providing necessities to keep them safe and warm along the way.

This Giving Tuesday, A Family for Every Orphan is raising money to protect children, like Victoria, in Ukraine from life-threatening temperatures and war.

You can give the gift of warmth and protection to vulnerable children in Ukraine by donating to our Rescue a Child from War and Freezing Temperatures campaign. You’ll be doing more than just donating—your support will literally be saving lives and supporting all the work of A Family for Every Orphan.

Child advocates like you make it possible for vulnerable children like Victoria to get the help they desperately need.

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