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Rescued Orphans Need Our Prayers

In March, just one month after the war began, 63 Ukrainian orphans were rushed to cold dark basements as the war rained fire onto their city in eastern Ukraine.

Just imagine—after experiencing the grave trauma of losing their parents, these precious orphan babies and toddlers now found themselves in the middle of a war, ripped overnight from their safe environment.

By God’s grace, brave AFFEO partners in Ukraine made the harrowing rescue of these 63 orphans, evacuating them to the safety of a nearby country. They found the orphans confused, malnourished, and terrorized from the explosive environment they had experienced.

We thank the  Lord that volunteers, partners, doctors, and teachers have all been working together to make sure these children have the food, therapy, sunny playtime, and restful sleep they need.

Though these orphans are now safe, their stories are far from complete. Because of the war there is currently a moratorium on fostering and adoption in Ukraine. Won’t you pray with us that, one day soon, each of these children will be reunited with or regain a safe and loving family? As you look at these sweet faces, would you please also pray for other orphans and vulnerable children in similar situations? Your prayers can make an incredible difference in their lives!

Thank you.

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