Thank You for Bringing Warmth to Tina and Children Like Her

Your prayers over the past months have made a tangible difference in the life of a special child named Tina, and others just like her. 

Tina now has the warmth and comfort she deserves during these colder months. Your prayers for funds have provided her with cozy blankets, warm clothing and firewood, ensuring that she stays snug and secure during the chilly weather. 

Beyond the physical warmth, this tangible aid has brought a smile to Tina’s face and reassurance to her family by not only keeping Tina warm but also by helping to keep her family together during challenging times. Your prayer support for these basic necessities is instrumental in creating a positive and nurturing environment for Tina, allowing her to thrive despite the adversities she faces. 

Thank you for being the source of warmth and hope for Tina and children like her. Your continual prayers truly make a meaningful difference in their lives, fostering a sense of security and well-being, and keeping families together.

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