The Annual Report Is Here!

Thanks to a special gift, Genia is healing and waiting for a family!

Thank you for giving Genia, and other orphans like her, the hope and future of a forever family! 

As a young girl, Genia was abandoned — alone, cold, hungry. She tragically joined the hundreds of orphans in Kyrgyzstan suffering from abuse and neglect, leaving scars of trauma and loss. Thankfully, Genia was placed with our partner in Kyrgyzstan and today, she is thriving!

Genia is one of many orphans benefiting from a newly instated prospective foster and adoptive parenting school. A special gift made this school a possibility with the end goal of finding loving families for children like Genia.

Through therapy, prayer, and medical treatment, Genia is emotionally healing from her painful past. She is excelling in school and rising to the top of her class, specifically in mathematics. Genia’s adoption profile to place her with a Christian family is complete and she is just waiting for her forever family.

Thank you for giving this precious little girl, and other orphans like her, the hope and sweet anticipation of a forever family! 

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