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The Dream of Every Child Is to Have a Family

Your support is changing orphan’s lives in Romania! A blossoming orphan care movement is influencing the way Romania cares for its most vulnerable and your gifts are at the center of this transformation.

A country that was sadly once known for its horrific orphanage conditions has transformed into an example of restoration and reflecting the Father’s heart for the orphan.

Great things are happening in Romania because of your generosity. For example, 20 children were adopted last year in a program that provided 40 families with support groups, trainings and counseling! Recently, almost 200 orphan advocates participated in a city-wide 10K and Family Fun Run spreading the vision of children in families. Their t-shirts said, “Visul favorit al fiecărui copil este familia” translated to “the dream of every child is to have a family”—a bold statement in a country where 57,000 children are in the system, just waiting to be loved. 

But that’s not all! The church is also stepping up with your help. Over 200 churches are now actively building orphan care ministries. “There is a new wave of Christians in Romania and they want to be involved.”- Alex I, a leader in the Romania Without Orphans movement.

Thank you for supporting children in families in Romania!

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