The Gimons Family

Zhenya and Zhora have been been living in a Ukrainian orphanage after losing both of their parents at a young age. They don’t have relatives able to care for them. But, the good news is that a really nice couple named Zee and Sam want Zhenya and Zhora to be their kids!

Zee and Sam have so many wonderful qualities. They WANT to love and care for Zhenya and Zhora through adoption. God placed this desire to adopt on their hearts early on in their marriage.

Despite Zee and Sam having good jobs and great professional skills, the average salary in Kyiv is only about $500 a month. However, everyday items like clothing, bedding, linens, etc. are more expensive in the Ukraine than the U.S.! Sam and Zee have depleted their savings to pay for the adoption, and they need help purchasing the most basic items for Zhenya and Zhora.

Can you imagine with me for a moment? Losing two parents, adjusting to life in an orphanage, and then transitioning into a new family… it must have been so challenging for this young brother and sister. Thankfully Zhenya and Zora CAN experience healing and stability through this new family relationship.

Your gifts will go to the purchase of a bunk-bed and mattresses, sheets, blankets, and pillows. It will also prepare this new family for the school year and winter by giving each child a coat, sweater, winter boots, hats, mittens, scarves and a backpack with school supplies. 

Will you come alongside this family as they begin their life together? YOUR gift will make it possible for Sam and Zee to provide this precious brother and sister with the care, support, and family they need.

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