The Isaev Family Needs Our Prayers

Svetlana (Sveta) Isaev, exuberant and loving mother of 10, died January 4 of COVID-19.

Since 2015 we have featured several prayer posts detailing prayer requests for some of the Isaev children, and for Sveta’s husband Evgeniy who suffered heart failure in early 2016. He subsequently recovered.

You may remember that Svetlana and Evgeniy were the first in Ukraine to adopt an HIV positive child. They went on to welcome nine HIV positive children into their family, and, in 2012, received Ukraine’s prestigious Pride of the Nation award.

The Isaev children range in age from an 11-month-old to a 22-year-old. Please pray that our loving Savior will hold them close and comfort them and their dad as only He can and meet any special needs they might have.

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