The War Continues & Freezing Temperatures are Hitting

The war in Ukraine continues and has even escalated as Russian missiles target critical civilian infrastructure across the nation. Homes, schools, and cultural sits have been destroyed. Gas and electric power supply stations have suffered significant damage and many are currently offline. Families are desperate to find a warmer and safer place as frigid temperatures set in and a more severe winter is approaching. 

Without electricity and heat supply, the most vulnerable Ukrainian children are at a real risk of freezing to death this winter. I know that’s unimaginable in 2022, but it’s the harsh reality of those struggling in Ukraine. 

Near-freezing temperatures are hitting now… and many of the most vulnerable are simply not prepared or equipped to stay warm. One AFFEO partner in Ukraine says, “The biggest threat to children in Ukraine right now is not bombs but freezing temperatures.”

The good news is you can help. Your gift today will wrap a child in Ukraine with warmth and the hope of survival.

AFFEO partners in Ukraine remain committed to going into combat zones and rescuing the most vulnerable — and with the renewed attacks, their task just got significantly bigger. In addition, they are helping those struggling to survive as refugees.

Partners across Ukraine are helping equip families with stoves, firewood, generators, blankets, propane heaters, and jackets to help families keep their children safe and warm today from life-threatening conditions. Together we can help more children and families.

I know you have already done so much, and I and so many others are so grateful for that help. Yet the needs remain enormous, and perhaps more urgent than before, as temperatures keep dropping. 

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