Tiny Kateryna is Thriving!

Do you remember Kateryna, our sweet Valentine baby? Abandoned at birth in a Ukrainian hospital, Kateryna was found to be both HIV and Hepatitis B positive. She also suffered from numerous developmental delays, and the orphanage staff believed that no one would adopt a baby with so many complications.

Thankfully, they were wrong. Anna and Anatoly decided that Kateryna would become their 11th adopted child! We asked you to pray for God to equip this family with some major resources, so that they could provide everything that this precious baby girl needed to thrive.

And God heard your prayers! He provided Kateryna with

  • Medical exams, medications and treatments vital to her survival;
  • Physical therapies critical to her growth and development, and
  • A comfortable stroller for her to enjoy family walks.

Thanks to your prayers, Kateryna can now

  • Hold her head up and roll over on her own;
  • Crawl to her mama and daddy, and 
  • Dance with her brothers and sisters!

Thank you for your unwavering prayer support of Anna and Anatoly—and for giving Kateryna the chance to blossom as a cherished daughter in a loving family. You showed Kateryna, her community, and the world that she belongs in a family and is worthy of love and care. Please pray for Kateryna’s continued physical progress, and for other children with special needs who are still waiting for their forever families.

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