Ukrainian Couple Called to Adopt

Meet Zee and Sam. Fun, energetic, goofy, and they have hearts of gold. Ever since they married five years ago, Zee and Sam have known that having children through adoption was a desire God had placed in their hearts. And they believe they have met their first two kids, a seven and nine-year-old brother and sister, Zhenya and Zhora, who lost their parents and have no extended family to care for them.

Our partners in Ukraine know Zee and Sam as being strong in their faith, patient, affectionate and fun-loving. Plus they have excellent jobs. For the last four years, Sam has led JAMM Camps – innovative educational camps for children and teenagers in Ukraine. He loves teaching the next generation skills such as videography, programming, and photo editing. Zee is also talented in the IT realm. She works as a Digital Operations Manager for a Ukrainian IT firm.

They would be a perfect mom and dad for Zhenya and Zhora.

However, despite Zee and Sam having good jobs and professional skills, the average salary in Kyiv is only about $500 a month. They have already depleted their savings to pay for appointments and adoption fees associated with bringing Zhenya and Zhora home, and they need to purchase several items in order to qualify as adoptive parents—items like beds, winter clothes and school supplies. Would you join us in asking God to provide the additional funds needed so that Zhenya, Zhora, Sam and Zee can begin their life together? Zhenya and Zhora can experience healing and stability through this new family relationship—and Zee and Sam long to give them the unconditional love and encouragement that only parents can give.

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