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Update from Eastern Ukraine

Dear Friend,

As Russia has focused their efforts to eastern Ukraine, fighting has intensified and the children and vulnerable families there are in crisis.
Update from Eastern Ukraine

Every day, non-stop, AFFEO partners in Ukraine are serving and evacuating people from the war zone. They are risking their lives to save the most vulnerable.

“Are there really places where the grass is green and quiet without bomb explosions,” says one of the vulnerable women who was evacuated to safety.

Financial support is crucial to provide fuel for evacuations, along with food and hygiene products to vulnerable children and families in desperate need. Provide for the vulnerable children and families of Ukraine by donating today!
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Food for Vulnerable Families in Occupied Eastern Ukraine

Food is being distributed to vulnerable families and children still living in occupied eastern Ukraine.

Despite having the opportunity to evacuate, one couple who owns a bakery has decided to stay in eastern Ukraine as they are the only source of food in their small village. Their heart to care for the vulnerable is inspiring!

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Extraordinary Acts of Love in Ukraine, Directed at the Most Vulnerable – Children and Orphans

Article in Church Leaders written by Heather Dyer, Executive Director of A Family for Every Orphan.
“For many of us working in the child welfare and orphan care space, we know from past crises that this kind of temporary family separation puts children at an increased risk of being permanently separated from their families.

Women who were forced to leave their husbands behind struggle to provide for their children as refugees in a foreign country, and poverty leads to increased risks for their children, including some of these women making the impossible choice to place their children in an orphanage to meet their needs.

Residential care facilities like orphanages may be able to provide for physical needs like food, water, and shelter, but they can’t provide all of the developmental, social, and emotional support a child fleeing a war-torn country will require to thrive long-term.”

Your gifts provide orphans and vulnerable families with:

  • Evacuations to safety.
  • Food, shelter, and necessities.
  • Refugee support.
  • Vital trauma care.

Support vulnerable children and families of Ukraine by donating to relief efforts today!

Every dollar donated goes directly to our partners on the ground who serve thousands of vulnerable children and families in Ukraine each day.

“Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; the LORD delivers them in times of trouble.” Psalm 41:1

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