Update on Maxim and Thomas: Thriving with Their Mamas

Both Maxim and Thomas got to stay with their families thanks to you!


The last time you saw Maxim, he was at-risk of being separated from his loving mama and brothers due to a lack of running water. Providing a well was crucial as Child Protective Services was recommending Maxim to be institutionalized. You saw their need and you stepped in!

By providing clean, running water to Maxim’s family you ensured that this precious boy would grow up in his mother’s loving arms.

Now Maxim can do what a three-year-old does best, playing. Maxim loves pretending to be handyman with his toy tools to help and love on his mom. He also loves playing in the garden with his trucks. You have given sweet Maxim the greatest gift of growing up in the safety and security of his loving family.

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Thomas is a two-and-a-half-year-old active boy who deeply loves his mother. He was in need of essential home repairs and hot water for him to stay with her. Because of you, Thomas gets to thrive in a warm and cozy home, while knowing his mother’s love. Your gift doesn’t stop there! 

By helping Thomas, you enabled two generations to be lifted from the cycle of poverty and neglect.

Thomas’ mother, Natalya, grew up on the streets of the Ukraine. At six years old a loving foster family took Natalya in and cared for her as their own. Her foster parents were able to save enough to get her the home that her and Thomas live in.

Not only does your help ensure the stability of their home, now Natalya and Thomas are connected with a local ministry that has embraced them.

Thomas will have a better childhood with his mother because of your support.

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