Update on Our Ukrainian Colleague, Nikolai

Our last prayer post featured our Ukrainian colleague Nikolai who was recently in a serious car accident with two of his children. We’re pleased to report that Nikolai was transferred out of ICU on December 2. His youngest son Elisey was discharged on December 3 and will continue recovering at home. Doctors are now saying that Nikolai’s oldest son Timothy will be in a coma for another two weeks due to massive brain swelling. Please continue to pray with us for Tim’s full recovery as well as for continued healing for Nikolai and Elisey. Please also pray that the family would have the financial means to shoulder all the medical expenses; Tim especially will need a long and expensive rehabilitation once he is out of his coma.

Nikolai is an ombudsman and commissioner of children’s rights to the President of Ukraine. His main task is to protect the civic, economic and social rights of children in Ukraine as well as guarantee that all of Ukraine’s international commitments are in keeping with children’s rights. He is also a co-founder of the Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans.

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