Victims of the Kakhovka Dam Collapse Urgently Need Our Prayers

At least 17 have died and tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in the Kherson region of Ukraine as the result of the Kakhovka Dam collapse on June 6.

Families in the area are facing catastrophic devastation, with flooding creating extremely dangerous situations for those who cannot easily escape.

Three AFFEO partners (including Sergey, pictured here) immediately raced to this area of southern Ukraine with boats, rescue supplies, and clean drinking water while also helping evacuate victims. But their teams have come under shelling while rescuing victims and delivering clean water and aid.

Please lift up these courageous partners in your prayers; they need God’s protection, as well as financial backing for the rescue attempts and all the supplies they are providing. Please also remember those living in the area who have lost — and need — so much.

The situation is desperate. According to Ukrainian authorities, the dam’s collapse sent water cascading downstream, flooding 230 square miles of territory. As of this writing, nearly 900 homes remain under water and more than 3,600 people have been evacuated. Many families are separated. One team rescued a young boy who was found alone on a rooftop  — now an orphan.

In addition, there are fears that the depleted reservoir will leave three critical regions in Ukraine’s “bread basket” without a key water supply.

As the situation in and around Kherson continues to rapidly deteriorate, those still trapped in the flooded areas and those just rescued seriously need your prayers—along with the brave AFFEO teams doing their best to assist with rescues and supplies. Thank you for remembering them!

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