Last August we asked you to pray that God would provide running water so that a family living in rural Ukraine would not be separated. After the family lost their husband/father to cancer, their well stopped functioning. Three-year-old Maxim, his mother and his older brothers were forced to rely solely on rain water and the water they were able to procure after regularly trekking 40 minutes to the nearest bus station.

Child Protective Services threatened to remove Maxim from his home and place him in institutional care since he was under school-age. Maxim’s mother Anna desperately wanted to keep her family together, but she could not afford to fix the well.

Thanks to your prayers and some generous gifts, Maxim’s family has clean, running water once again! Now Maxim can focus on what he loves doing most— playing handyman. He loves to grab his toy tools and pretend to build helpful items for his mom. He also enjoys playing with his trucks— loading them with dirt and redesigning the family’s garden.

Thank you for praying that this sweet family would stay together! The Lord has ensured that Maxim would not be separated from his loving family and provided him the means to grow up as a confident and loved little boy. Please pray that other at-risk children like Maxim would know the security and love of God as well as the protection, love and comfort of forever families. 

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