Winter Update 2021: Lisa and Elijah

Lisa and Elijah are both safe and thriving in their new homes thanks to YOU!


Last time we saw Lisa she was severely neglected, abused by her alcoholic mother, and surviving on an onion. Finding a safe home for Lisa was crucial. Her grandfather, Evgeny, was willing to become Lisa’s legal guardian, but his home needed major renovations before social services would allow Lisa to live there. There was a need, and you filled it!  

By providing a water pump and heater, you gave Lisa safety, security, and a loving family for the first time in her five precious years of life.  

Lisa no longer worries about when her next meal may be. Thanks to you, Lisa is now concerned with five-year-old matters like —playing with her sister, laughing, and running around. Thank you for giving Lisa the safety, security, and love of a family that all children deserve.


When Elijah was only nine-years old, he faced devastating neglect from an alcoholic father and his new wife. Thankfully, Elijah’s grandfather, Eugene, heard about adption from the “Family for Every Orphan” Christian Radio Show in Uganda, so when he found Elijah he knew he had to step in.

Eugene and Elijah are enjoying life together. Elijah says, “I love being with my grandfather. He keeps me safe.”

Your gifts provided school fees and school supplies for Elijah. He loves school and studies hard to achieve his dream of one day becoming a lawyer. His hope is to defend children who are neglected. His favorite subject is math, and he also loves to sing in church. You enabled Elijah to pursue his dream!

Your gifts also provided both a new rooftop to keep Elijah safe during the rainy season and repairs to Eugene’s truck, allowing him to continue providing for Elijah. Your faithful support is allowing Elijah to grow up in a safe, Christian forever family.

Mirza Mustofa Ui4x Qnso0o Unsplash
The "Family for Every Orphan" radio show shares the message of adoption with an audience of over 1 million listeners! You are spreading the message of adoption throughout Uganda and helping children like Elijah find their forever families.

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