Would You Pray Diya into Her Forever Home?

Diya is a four-month-old baby girl in India who has already faced great adversity in her short life. Abandoned at birth, Diya was left without the care of a mother or father, with no one to answer her cries, kiss her sweet face, or comfort her in their arms. 

Unfortunately, Diya represents a heartbreaking truth: 29.6 million children in India are orphaned and/or abandoned. Sadly, since the onset of COVID in India, many more have been orphaned or abandoned due to the death of a caregiver or the loss of a caregiver’s livelihood.

But Diya’s story is one that doesn’t have to end in heartbreak. God has been moving in the hearts of a loving couple, Anil and Kavin, who recently attended an orphan awareness-raising event where they learned about the needs of orphans. Anil and Kavin’s hearts were deeply touched and they are now ready to adopt Diya into their family! They are longing to shower her with tender care—while tangibly demonstrating the love of Christ.

In order to do so, however, Anil and Kavin face what is to them a major barrier: they cannot afford the expensive adoption fees. Won’t you join us in prayer that the Lord would provide the necessary funds for Anil and Kavin to bring Diya into their home where she will hear God’s truth and come to understand His love?

During this season where we reflect on God’s ultimate gift, we are reminded that He spoke to the hearts of a mother and father to care for his Son, paving the way for Him to enter this world as a vulnerable child. What a beautiful picture of God’s heart and design for children! As you remember Anil, Kavin and Diya, would you also pray that the Lord will help other precious children find paths into safe and loving forever families? Thank you for standing with them.

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