You Can Bring Healing to Baby Kateryna Today!

A Story of Incredible Hope: Kateryna, 6-Months Old & HIV+

Kateryna didn’t choose to be an orphan — she was abandoned at birth in a Ukrainian hospital. She didn’t choose to be HIV+ or to have Hepatitis B. She didn’t choose to develop slowly and have weak muscles still extremely small and unable to hold her head up at months. 

The orphanage staff thought all hope was lost for Kateryna  there’s no way anyone would adopt a baby with so many complications. 

 Anna and Anatoly chose Kateryna. They chose to trust God with caring for Kateryna’s medical conditions. They chose to welcome this sweet 6-month-old as their precious daughterbut they need your help to cover expensive medical treatments and medications. 

Anna and Anatoly are no strangers to 
caring for orphansIn 2012, you helped them adopt Sveta who is now 10 years old and thriving in this loving family! Kateryna will be their 11th adopted child! You have the amazing opportunity to support this family, allowing them to show another precious child she is chosen and worthy of love.

With your help, Kateryna will receive vital physical therapy, antibody tests, necessary medications and vitamins, a safe crib, and special stroller of her own. These are critical to her growth and development.

As this new year begins, you have the opportunity to give Kateryna a new beginning and 
the gift of growing up in a loving and caring forever family. 

Anastasia 3

Today, you can wrap around Kateryna’s family with an encouraging gift.

Anna and Anatoly believe that Kateryna is an image-bearer of God, deserving of all good things like proper care and a loving family.

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