Your Prayers Can Be Part of a Child’s Healing Journey

One of our partners in Ukraine sent us the following report:

Tanks and soldiers entered the city …

Artem and his mother lived in the basement for 10 days without electricity or heat, eating only canned food. The houses nearby were destroyed with tanks and missile strikes.

“Artem lost speech function and started to have problems with bladder control … His mom developed a stutter, she stopped sleeping, and she cried constantly.”

Families like Artem’s are dealing with horrific trauma … the kind that, left untreated, can be crippling for a lifetime.

They desperately need your prayers to help them heal.

A Family for Every Orphan (AFFEO) is providing funds to send war-torn children to highly specialized, therapeutic summer camps, where they will enjoy

  • individual and group therapy with trained trauma professionals.
  • healing tools and resources to take and use at home.
  • arts & crafts, sports games, and fun camp activities.
  • a chance to truly heal, thrive, and feel joy once more!

The need for these summer camps is greater than ever. The risk for addiction, violence, and suicide is soaring among the devastated children and families of Ukraine.

So these children and families need your prayers on several levels. Won’t you pray for the at-risk children — and their families — who will be attending therapeutic camps this summer? Please pray that they would receive much-needed emotional, spiritual and physical healing in these safe environments. AFFEO’s goal is to provide hundreds of vulnerable children and families a spot at therapeutic camps this summer. With your prayers, we are confident that hearts will be healed, lives will be changed, and children and families will come out stronger for life. Thank you for standing with them!

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