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Your Prayers Can Help Amrita’s Family Stay Together

Eight-year-old Amrita, who lives in India, has already lost her dad. Now her family needs your prayers to stay together.

Ever since Amrita’s father died, Amrita’s mom, Saanvi, has been working feverishly to support Amrita and her four-year-old sister. She works in multiple homes as a maid in to try to make ends meet.

Although she is working hard, Saanvi is slipping further behind financially. As she struggles to afford food and education for her little family, the doubts are creeping in: Will they make it? Will her girls have enough to get by? Would they be better off in an institution? Of course, Saanvi does not want to send her girls away, and the girls desperately want to stay with their mom.

In addition to the financial stresses, Saanvi and her family are mourning. In the eyes of the world, they are alone and unprotected. But we know that God has not abandoned them … and your prayers can be instrumental in showing them that powerful truth!

Won’t you please lift up Saanvi and her girls before the Lord? Please ask that God would provide the resources they need to thrive together! As He provides gifts, AFFEO can funnel them through our partners in India so that Amrita and her family can stay together. Please also pray that the Lord would comfort them in their grief.

We know that children raised in the safety of a loving family thrive as they are able to reach their full developmental potential. With the permanency and steadfast support of family, they navigate the challenges of youth and beyond with resilience and assurance, fostering a foundation for lifelong success.

Your prayers that God would provide for this family’s most urgent needs will help all three remain connected as a family in a hard place and have hope for a brighter future. Please pray for this precious, broken-hearted family — and others like them — they have already been through so much. We are so grateful for your continual prayers for widows and orphans.

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