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Your Prayers Can Help Secure the Future of Aged-Out Teens

Teens who have aged out of orphanage care are among the most vulnerable children on the planet. In India, about 60,000 18-year-olds age out of institutional care each year, with no hope for adoption or reunification.

These teens find themselves on the street after having received sub-standard schooling, with no money for further education, no employable skills and no guidance or family support. In India, ⅔ of them end up living in slums, and repeating the cycle of generational poverty. According to one study, almost half of such released children fail to find paid work.

Kashvi’s story highlights how vital your prayer support is for children who have aged out! She grew up in extreme poverty in India, her mother a single parent struggling to provide for Kashvi and her siblings. Like many, Kashvi’s mother decided that the only option she had to ensure they were well-cared for was sending her children to an institution. (Due mainly to poverty, a staggering 80-90% of children in orphanages in India have a living parent.)

Despite her struggles acclimating to the orphanage, Kashvi graduated from high school with higher than average marks. However, her graduation signaled that she was “aging-out” of her institution, and brought her to a pivotal moment in her life.

Providentially, Kashvi was approached by AFFEO partners about an incredible, sustainable “aftercare” program that allows AFFEO partners and child welfare authorities in India to collaborate in a critical work—to protect, guide, and mentor teens as they age-out of orphanages.

Kashvi was very excited to have the chance to participate in this program and was encouraged to do so. The aftercare program provided Kashvi with long-term mentorship, provision of educational fees, guidance with choosing an educational track, career aptitude testing, and job placement! After completing a one-year accounting and financial course, Kashvi enrolled in an undergraduate program. She was quickly placed with a financial corporation as a Senior Staff Assistant in the accounting department and is thriving in her new role!

Without the support AFFEO provided, Kashvi’s story could have ended very differently. Studies have shown that teens who grow up in institutions are more susceptible to trafficking, sexual exploitation, addiction, abuse and gang-related activity. And the orphanhood cycle (orphans having babies and sending them to orphanages) is tremendously prevalent.

Kashvi’s future is now secure. But would you please fervently pray that AFFEO would be able to continue supporting this and other aftercare programs for aged-out teens around the globe? Many other children, aging out like Kashvi, are also in need of the opportunity to succeed in adulthood. Aftercare programs will help them break the chains of generational poverty and look forward to a brighter future.

Thank you for being a champion for at-risk kids time and time again. You are helping change hearts and lives, and are letting children and families know they are not alone in this fight.

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