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Your Prayers Have Touched Paraguay!

Orphans in Paraguay are being blessed by your prayers!

Although we have focused our prayers on Ukraine during the past year, your past earnest prays for the country of Paraguay are bearing fruit! The Lord is doing mighty things in that country, which you can read about in the 2022 AFFEO Annual Report

One of the most unbelievable things God is doing in Paraguay is connecting children there with loving foster families. Due to cultural prejudices surrounding orphans, Paraguay has lacked interested, willing, and qualified foster families. In light of this, an AFFEO partner in Paraguay launched a search campaign for potential foster families for children in need. Churches were given short videos each month. These videos showed specific needs of vulnerable children and called the church to prayer and action.

The response was incredible!

Sixty (60) families became qualified to foster after watching a video about 19 infants who were placed in an orphanage because there were no qualified families to take them! Not long after the start of this prayer initiative, babies in high-risk situations were lovingly received in the open arms of these families, families who are now being wrapped with ongoing support from their local church and foster care teams.

Because AFFEO promotes family based care, more orphans and vulnerable children are experiencing the love and care of a safe family. Your prayers gave many orphans and vulnerable children the safety and permanency of a loving family last year.

You may be thinking, “I don’t remember praying for Paraguay last year.” We haven’t asked for your prayers for Paraguay since the war in Ukraine started, but we did several times before then. And God has not forgotten! So don’t give up. Please continue to pray that God will perform His miracles for orphans  and other vulnerable children in Paraguay. And thank you for lifting them up before our gracious heavenly Father.

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