Your Prayers Made All the Difference for Eric!

Remember Eric? Abandoned as an infant and labeled “undesirable” by hospital staff, Eric had multiple medical conditions and endured 25 surgeries before he was even a year old. 

But God never deserted little Eric. Alex, Nati, and their children fell in love with him and decided to adopt him!

About three months ago, when Eric’s family brought him home, Eric was taking a lot of medications that kept him sedated. After lots of prayer, advocating, and under the doctors’ care, Alex and Nati decided to scale back some of Eric’s medications. They wanted to give him a chance to shine, knowing in their hearts that he had great potential.

In just a few short weeks, Eric started to come alive! He was more present, laughing a lot and crying when hungry and sleepy. He started recognizing his parents’ voices and siblings’ sweet, gentle touches. His family has been able to find out his likes and dislikes. They have all thoroughly enjoyed heaping love on him and helping him heal from years of neglect.

Alex and Nati are truly dedicated parents and take Eric to therapy every day. They are seeing remarkable improvements daily. Eric is getting stronger, holding his head up better, trying new foods, and showing much better brain activity than doctors originally expected. In fact, the doctors didn’t think such progress was even possible for Eric. What a great God we serve!

Eric’s current likes include

  • all sweet fruits (he’s not keen on vegetables).
  • long walks in the park in his special stroller.
  • his family helping him with his leg exercises.

Because you prayed, God provided special gifts that

  • allowed Eric’s family to continue taking him to daily therapies.
  • provided a new, updated carseat better suited to his needs.
  • equipped him with a new, at-home nebulizer for breathing treatments.

Thank you for praying for Eric and this remarkable Romanian family that is  giving him a loving, supportive and caring home. Your prayers were instrumental in providing the resources necessary so that Eric’s family is free to focus on Eric, giving him a real chance to thrive! Please continue to pray for them all — and for other children like Eric, who still long for a loving forever home. 

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