Your Prayers Mean So Much!

Our AFFEO Executive Director’s daughter is from Ukraine. She experienced the first invasion of Ukraine in 2014, as did many of her friends who are experiencing it again—and worse. When her mom asked what she thought was on their Christmas wish list, she responded, “an end to sirens and bombs, being with family, and being warm.” 

Profound insights from a child who knows what it’s like to live through an invasion. And what an opportunity we have in helping fulfill this wish list for children in Ukraine through the power of prayer! As many believers in Ukraine follow the Julian calendar and will be celebrating Christmas on Saturday, January 7, let’s pray that the sirens and bombs would come to an end, and that families would be together and be warm.

As the conflict continues into 2023, we ask that you’d keep praying for all who are in crisis across Ukraine as the result of freezing winter temperatures. When there is crisis, the risk of children being separated from their families is dangerously high. Please especially remember AFFEO partners who are working around the clock to provide stoves, firewood, generators, coats, and blankets to help save lives and keep families together.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to you for the countless prayers you have lifted up on behalf of the war-torn children, soldiers, mothers, fathers and others in Ukraine in 2022. They have made such a difference, and we are pleased to be able to bring you updates as we receive them.

May God’s hand of blessing rest on you and yours in the New Year.

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