Your Prayers Will Help Ensure Maxwell’s Future

 Maxwell is a spirited 3-year-old boy in Ghana facing the challenges of living with sickle cell disease. Maxwell’s mother struggled to find enough consistent income to provide for her family’s basic needs, much less to cover Maxwell’s medical bills. Maxwell was at risk of being sent to an orphanage and separated from his loving mother.

Last year, gifts from AFFEO helped launch a project to strengthen vulnerable, disenfranchised families like Maxwell’s. The project provides seed money for a family’s small business and funds for school fees and supplies while that family business grows. The goal is to see families gain a sustainable source of income so that their children remain in school and in their families. Far too often children in vulnerable families are forced to drop out of school to work or are placed in an orphanage. These are both outcomes that tragically fuel the cycle of orphanhood.

Because of AFFEO’s gifts, not only Maxwell’s but dozens of families in Ghana have been strengthened and remain together! The trajectory of children’s lives has been forever changed. In Ghana AFFEO’s support helped create a clear path to help many families build a sustainable business and stable future.

In Maxwell’s case, his mother received funds to kickstart her grain-selling business, giving her a lifeline when she needed it most. Today, her business generates enough income for Maxwell to receive the critical care essential for his well-being while it also meets her family’s basic needs.

Won’t you pray that these small businesses in Ghana would prosper and continue to provide the necessary income for families like Maxwell’s to not only stay together but to thrive? Such businesses are essential to keep such families together while meeting their needs.Your prayers are a beacon of hope, enabling families like Maxwell’s to overcome challenges and build a promising tomorrow.

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