Zarina and Ivan Are Flourishing!

Zarina Is Safe With Her Mama!

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After tragically losing her father to suicide, Zarina and her mother, Adel, were left in dire circumstances. With no food, shelter or basic necessities, they were struggling to survive in the midst of their tragic loss. 

But with your help, Adel fought to go on for the sake of her daughter.

There is a women’s and children’s center, that you faithfully support through your generous gifts, working tirelessly to equip caregivers with tools to face the brokenness they’ve encountered.

Zarina and Adel found their way to this center, and their lives have been transformed! Caregivers poured out love and support to each of them. Zarina was patiently taught about Jesus, while Adel was provided vital resources to heal from and process the trauma they both faced. 

Thanks to your faithful giving, this mother and daughter were able to stay together in a safe, loving environment while they recovered!

You provided Zarina and Adel:

  • Resources to stay healthy: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally
  • Practical learning tools for processing trauma and grief
  • Helpful skills and guidance for their successful future

Because of you Zarina is now: 

  • Able to process her emotions in a healthy way
  • Healthy, growing, and learning as she should
  • Dreaming of becoming a doctor to help others

Thank you for supporting Zarina and giving her a chance to flourish with her mother!

Ivan, From Tears of Sadness to Tears of Joy

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Ivan, a quiet and kind 12- year- old boy, was abandoned by his alcoholic and drug- addicted mother. After being found begging on the street by a neighbor, Ivan was taken to a family-based home in Ukraine. This would not have happened without your faithful support for orphans and at-risk children in Ukraine!

Ivan was safe and well-taken care of at the family-based home, but he would cry when movies and songs mentioned mothers. In spite of all the neglect and pain he’d experienced, he made friends, studied hard, and was a great helper in this temporary home.

When partners learned Ivan’s mother passed away, they began the search for a permanent, loving family to adopt him. Thankfully, a family who has previously adopted enthusiastically welcomed Ivan into their home as a cherished son!

Because of YOU, Ivan is now growing up in a safe and loving home surrounded by parents and siblings who love him deeply.

In his forever family, Ivan now:

  • Loves to cheerfully sing
  • Loves learning about God and His love
  • Works hard at home and school
  • Is blossoming and healing beautifully


None of this would be possible without your support! Your gifts allow children like Ivan to find families, turning tragedy into a life filled with hope and light. You are giving orphans like Ivan the life he deserves and is worthy of! Thank you!

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