Zhenya and Zhora are Home!

We’ve been praying since last October for Ukrainian brother and sister Zhenya and Zhora, whose young lives were turned upside down in an instant when their father passed away and their mother’s parental rights were removed. With no extended family to care for them, they desperately needed loving and nurturing parents.

Enter Sam and Zee, who both felt a strong desire to share their love and Christian faith with children through adoption. They had earlier begun the emotional and tedious task of preparing their hearts and home for adoption—all while praying for their future children. When Sam and Zee met Zhenya and Zhora at the orphanage, they knew immediately that this little boy and girl were their children. 

But their savings quickly dwindled with the appointments and adoption fees associated with bringing Zhenya and Zhora home. In order to qualify as adoptive parents they were also required to purchase several items like beds, winter clothes, and school supplies – items they had no money to buy. We asked you to pray for the funds to purchase these items. 

We’re excited to share that God DID provide the funds and that Sam, Zee, Zhenya, and Zhora are now a family! Support from concerned readers like you provided a bunk bed, mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, coats, sweaters, winter boots, hats, mittens, scarves, and backpacks with school supplies. Thank you for your faithful prayers! We ask that you would pray that God would continue to blend these four lives together into an exemplary Christian family.

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