About A Family for Every Orphan

Our Mission: 

A Family for Every Orphan helps orphans find loving Christian families in their home countries.

Our Vision:

Our vision is a world without orphans.

How We Operate:

Our team believes that the best way to care for orphans is by placing them in permanent, loving families. Many orphanages provide for the physical needs of children, yet they are left unequipped emotionally, spiritually, socially and mentally to survive and thrive in life outside the orphanage. For this reason, we have focused our efforts on supporting programs in developing nations that are making the possibility of adoption a reality within those nations. We support a wide variety of programs that all have the same goal in mind--more orphans living in permanent, loving, Christian families so that these children have the opportunity to become happy, contributing, faith-filled adults who are capable of receiving and giving love.

Our role is to fundraise for programs that are carried out by nationally-led ministries and non-profit organizations who have demonstrated integrity, competence and compassion. We call these groups our international partners. We believe strongly that our international partners, who understand best their respective cultures and its needs concerning adoption and fostercare, are the ones who should be leading the programs within their nations. They communicate with us about specific project and program needs and we work to provide funding to help fuel their efforts. We began by providing funding to ministries and non-profit organizations in Russia and Ukraine and have recently expanded into India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ghana, Romania and Kyrgyzstan. We started in these countries based on some personal connections to the region, but also because of a courageous and daring movement amongst Christians in those regions to develop sound ministries to promote and support the concept of national adoption and foster care. It is our dream and hope that as we grow as an organization and other nations are inspired to build adoption and foster care systems that we can eventually include their ministries and non-profits as our international partners.


How does $39/month help place a child in a loving family?

A Family for Every Orphan distributes funds directly to charities led by national leaders who have requested funds for specific projects. We then monitor the projects by visiting each year with these partners and the families and children they are helping with the funds we provide. They also send us reports and receipts on exactly how the funds were spent. Here is a list of the categories of projects we have funded the past few years with donations from individuals:

  1. Salary and travel for "child advocates"- these individuals are usually hired by a church or national Christian NGO and assigned specific children. They make sure that all the paperwork is correctly filled out and documents collected to resolve the adoptable status of children in Christian orphanages and help adoptive families through the process of actually adopting them. We have learned from some of our partners that the social workers in the government are usually only assigned to adoptive families who come asking to adopt. What often happens is that children are left to linger in orphanages without anyone reviewing their cases on a consistent basis.
  2. Maintenance on the temporary foster family apartments in which children stay while waiting to be matched with a family- A Family for Every Orphan has helped in this regard over the past year by processing donations on behalf of a project to provide heating to the Father's House buildings in which orphans are living with families while they wait to be adopted. Father's House is a Christian orphanage that was developed specifically to prepare children to be adopted. They have a very well organized process for establishing the status of the child so that they can either be returned to their biological parents or have the biological parents rights terminated so they can be adopted. Once they have an "adoptable status" they go through at least one year of therapy and training on how to live in a family by living with a temporary foster family.
  3. Salary for Psychologists/Medical evaluation (part of the pre-adoption requirements as well as extra programs to ensure children are emotionally prepared for adoption).
  4. Pre-adoption training for families and post-adoption counseling and check ups (also includes conferences for adoptive families, especially those who have adopted children with traumatic pasts).
  5. Food, clothes, school supplies for orphans with temporary foster families while they are waiting to be matched with their adoptive families.
  6. Post adoption material support- some of our projects have included coats for recently adopted kids at Christmas time, repairs to adoptive family homes, and special medical treatments for adopted children.
  7. Events promoting adoption and foster care- we have supported national conferences, church presentations, bikeathons and TV programs that all encourage people to consider adopting. Some of these events have also given government leaders, church leaders and NGO leaders the opportunity to meet and talk about how they can each support the development of adoption and foster care in their countries.
  8. Training on best child welfare practices for government and NGO social workers.

The bottom line is that to truly "help orphans find loving families" all of these projects must be funded. Our staff picks and chooses which projects, if any, we will support from individual national partners over the course of the year. We estimate that the total cost of getting one child adopted is approximately the sum of all the individual projects we funded over one year divided by the number of kids who were helped by these projects. When we did the analysis, it came out to $456 per kid, or $39 a month.

We are grateful for the prayers and support of donors and want you to feel confident that we are using your donations in the best way possible to help kids not only get adopted, but to STAY adopted by loving families!






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