Orphan Sunday—November 13

It’s coming! The 21st observance of Orphan Sunday is just around the corner, and this year we have two incredible opportunities to join millions around the world as they join their hearts in prayer for orphans and vulnerable children. 

Sunday, November 13 is Orphan Sunday and the very next day, November 14, is World Orphan Day. The Orphan Sunday movement has changed the lives of countless children in more than 120 countries across the globe. This year, A Family for Every Orphan is focusing on the many orphans and newly orphaned children in Ukraine.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

1. Please pray especially for orphans and other vulnerable children in Ukraine as they continue to face the horrors of war in addition to freezing temperatures. Pray that they would experience the warmth and safety of a loving family, and for peace and the Lord’s presence during these challenging days.

2. Spread the word! Share with your friends, family and church about why you are passionate about caring for orphans around the world. Then invite them to join millions on Orphan Sunday to pray. Click here to visit the Orphan Sunday website and learn other ways to get involved.

3. As you advocate for orphans and vulnerable children, A Family for Every Orphan also encourages you to share the story of baby Veronica and the special opportunity we have to Keep a Child in Ukraine Warm. Pray for our Ukrainian partner who is heading up this opportunity, and that God would provide the necessary funds to give many Ukrainian children winter survival kits and evacuate them to safety.

Thank you so much for your prayers! They are crucial to the countless little ones who so desperately need stability, safety, peace, and a forever home with someone who loves them.

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