SUMMER UPDATE: Vanya is healthy and loving life (and frosting)!

“If not us, then who?”

“(In the orphanage) my children had complex diagnoses, and there were no people who wanted to take them home, except for us. I couldn’t do otherwise. Sometimes you just can’t forget their eyes and that sad look…If not us, then who?

– Vanya’s adoptive parents, Natasha and Ruslan

Vanya’s severe medical needs were not fully disclosed at the time of his adoption. His immunodeficiency disorder treatments cost more than half the average monthly salary in Ukraine! Natasha and Ruslan knew their sweet, new son had to get these treatments and never once thought about giving up on him. They took a leap of faith. And your hands caught them. 

You provided the treatment Vanya so desperately needed! Thanks to you, Vanya is doing much better! His asthma attacks have decreased significantly since he has been able to get the vital immunodeficiency treatment he needed. He’s also grown by 3.5 inches in the past few months and has slowly begun talking! 

Vanya loves exploring the world around him, mostly by playing with food and giggling with his brothers. He is a very affectionate and kind boy who loves to kiss and hug everyone.  

Thank you for allowing Vanya and his two brothers to experience childhood to its fullest in a loving forever family. 

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“I want to sincerely thank you and everyone who helped our family. Vanya is our sunshine, our precious little pie that brings great happiness to our family.” -Natasha and Ruslan

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