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About Ruslan:


Support for World Without Orphans/Ruslan MaliutaRuslan with his wife Anya and their 4 boys

Ruslan Maliuta serves as International Facilitator of the World Without Orphans (WWO) movement and his passion is to advocate for the fatherless.  He has held this role within the movement for two years now and continues to provide unequivocal energy, wisdom and strong leadership. For more about WWO, see below.


Ruslan also serves as Facilitator for Orphan Challenge at Transform World and 4/14 Window Movements and is a co-founder and until recently served as President of the Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans. He has over 14 years of experience in the field of child welfare, working with churches, NGOs, and the government. He has co-authored books on adoption and street children. Ruslan is a recipient of the medal “For Services” from the President of Ukraine and was the candidate from Ukraine to the UN Committee on Rights of the Child. Ruslan and his wife Anya are happy parents of four wonderful sons and they live in Kyiv, Ukraine.


About World Without Orphans:


Support for World Without Orphans/Ruslan Maliuta

World Without Orphans is a movement of Christians from around the globe working together to inform, mobilize, and equip the body of Christ to give all orphans and vulnerable children the opportunity to grow in loving and caring families and know their Heavenly Father..


The Orphan Challenge

Approximately 153 million children are orphaned in the world today.  One of the biggest challenges facing the Christian Church today is the ever-increasing number of children growing up without the loving care of their parents and without knowing their Heavenly Father. If we brought all these children together they would comprise the 7th largest nation in the world … a veritable “Orphan Nation.”

Vision – Response to the Challenge

The World Without Orphans movement was born from the understanding of God’s heart for orphans and His clear mandate from Scripture for the Church to care for them. We believe the Body of Christ can help make the vision for a world without orphans a reality. Although 153 million children may seem like a staggering number, there are 2.1 billion Christians in the world today. If we would come together as churches, families, and individuals, we could address the orphan challenge and bring closure to this escalating crisis.


The World Without Orphans movement will promote a better life for orphans by:

  1. Informing the Body of Christ to broaden their understanding both of the problems faced by orphaned children and the potential ways they can contribute to effective solutions;


  2. Mobilizing national, regional, and global networks that involve churches, non-governmental service organizations, business communities, the media, and governmental agencies who, together, can develop orphan advocacy movements in their own countries and communities.


  3. Equipping - we will provide opportunities to fully understand the needs of orphaned children and the best resources and strategies to serve them; and promote communication among orphan networks, helping advocates share their successes and failures and learn from each other.

Expected Outcomes of the World Without Orphans Vision 2020

  1. NATIONAL MOVEMENTS - Thirty national orphan care movements are initiated through cooperation of churches and NGO's in agreement with common biblically-based values, as evidenced by an active team of several groups representing multiple regions in the country.


  2. CHURCH MOBILIZATION - 50% of Christian churches around the world are aware of the orphan crisis in their community, nation, region, and around the world. 75% of churches in countries with national movements are motivated to action and equipped with the most effective strategies and resources to respond to the need.


  3. PERMANENCY FOR CHILDREN - Permanency of children in families is perceived and promoted globally as a primary goal in caring for orphans and vulnerable children. A paradigm shift from institutional to family-based strategies has occurred in churches, NGO’s and governments in countries with national movements.


  4. PREVENTION - Parents know and understand the steps to creating a healthy, safe and strong family unit where children are living with and being nurtured by loving parents.


  5. CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT - There is a comprehensive best-practice, evidenced based collection of resources available for distribution and training for those persons working with or for orphans. Capacity is evident in the orphan nation, and demonstrated by a competent, confident and committed group of volunteers, workers, parents, and leaders who are working together for a World Without Orphans.

Accomplishments so far:

In just two years, the World Without Orphans team has:

  • Helped launch national orphan care movements in 14 countries around the world (created forums for Christian leaders, churches, NGOs, government leaders to collaborate)
  • Supported already existing "Without Orphan" movements in 7 countries by networking national and regional leaders, providing consulting services, assisting with finding relevant speakers for conferences, raising and distributing funds for conferences and specific projects (led by national NGOs) promoting adoption and foster care
  • Hosted and trained 4,000+ participants (generally Christian leaders) at WWO events, representing 80 countries, preparing them to use their spheres of influence to change social ministries for orphans towards family-based care and promote the concept of adoption and foster care amongst lay Christians
  • Helped lead 18 conferences/leader forums in Korea, Spain, US, Hungary, Colombia, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ukraine, Belarus, South Africa, and Switzerland in order to network international Christian leaders, raise awareness for orphans and cast the WWO vision, provide opportunities for resource sharing amongst nations
  • Began developing and distributing training materials on launching and sustaining national orphan care movements 
  • Developed an international prayer movement that allows leaders from nations all over the world to submit prayer requests and reports via Facebook and have them distributed through a variety of social media platforms
  • Initiated raising-awareness campaigns, including World Without Orphans Bike-a-thon, which continues for 4 years now, Kilimanjaro Climb for Africa Without Orphans, etc to promote adoption and other forms of family-based care
  • Developed curriculum and expanded team of vetted trainers for travel to different countries to conduct site assessments and provide train-the-trainer workshops for social workers in order to share researched best practices and assist in development of systems/policies for adoption, foster care and child protective services
  • Provided direct assistance to grass roots projects that resulted in 3,790 orphans finding loving, Christian families in their home countries

How A Family for Every Orphan is involved:

As an organization whose model is to collaborate with and provide financial assistance to well-vetted national partners who are working to promote family-based orphan care in their own countries, A Family for Every Orphan has partnered with the leadership of the World Without Orphans movement to provide financial support to the various outcomes described above.



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