You provided a safe, loving family for Rohit in Nepal!


You provided a safe, loving family for Rohit in Nepal!

Thank you SO MUCH for giving Rohit the opportunity to thrive in his new home. Not long ago, Rohit was in a situation of abuse and neglect. Your gifts not only provided Rohit with medical treatment for his wounds but allowed him to be taken in by a local family. The Pandey family has opened their arms wide to Rohit, and the result has been heartwarming to see. They’ve just been approved to care for more orphaned and vulnerable children, so their house is full at the moment!

Chelsea, our program director for Africa and Asia, got to spend some time with Rohit recently. He is a quiet little boy, but full of life. He loves playing with his toys and interacting with the other kids. While she was visiting, Rohit had a cold but that didn’t stop him from trying to keep up with the other kids. She shares, “Since he’s just starting to go to school, he’s learned the sound of the school bus coming down the road. He loves school. So in the morning when they lined up all the kids for a photo with me, he was so excited because he thought he was finally healthy enough again to go back to school. It was so sweet to see him light up when a school bus did come down the road. This kid loves to learn!” 

The story doesn’t end here. Pastor Pandey is working with Nepal Without Orphans leaders to make their small children’s home
a model to spread throughout the nation. Pastor Pandey’s home does not depend on external support. He’s currently perfecting his mushroom farm, milking a number of cows, taking care of his chicken farm while exploring other opportunities to keep his children’s home sustainable. His hope is to be able to train villagers nearby who are on the edge of giving up their children due to poverty by training them in what he has found to be successful.  We love to see this! Your gift to help one child in Nepal is spreading to change the way the community approaches orphan care. Thank you!



You provided a safe, loving family for Rohit in Nepal!You can provide a safe, loving family for Rohit in Nepal.

Five year old Rohit was abandoned by his mother when she remarried and moved away.  Rohit was left with his abusive father and stepmother in a tiny village of 200 people with few jobs, no electricity, and only one well for the entire village.  Rohit has suffered so much abuse that all of his front teeth are broken.  Just a few weeks ago, Rohit broke his leg.  The family is so poor that they don’t even have money to get his leg reset by a medical professional.

If Rohit doesn’t get help, he will remain in a situation of physical abuse and deprivation.  He will continue to have little to no access to medical care or education, with very limited job options for the future.   

Pastor Pandey and his wife are heartbroken at the abuse that Rohit is experiencing.  They want to adopt him and bring him into their loving, safe family.  However, they need $3,500 to process the paperwork allowing them to make Rohit a legal part of their family as well as to care for his medical needs. 

Would you give a special gift today to provide Rohit with medical attention and save him from his current state of abuse and neglect by helping the Pandey family to adopt him? By doing so, you will provide him with a safe, stable and loving environment with hope for a good future.



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