Kenyan “Trash” Truly God’s Treasure!


Kenyan “Trash” Truly God’s Treasure!

Three years ago, a dog was picking through a pile of street trash in Kenya when he suddenly began to bark furiously, attracting the attention of onlookers. When they looked closer, they found a tiny baby boy laying among the garbage, crying.

The local police were called and the little boy was hospitalized for a month. Once he was strong enough to leave the hospital, he was placed in a local Christian orphanage where caregivers named him Israel. 

Israel is still living at that orphanage in Kenya. He’s growing into a strong young boy, but he desperately needs permanency and the stability of a forever family. No amount of care in an orphanage can replace the benefits of growing up in a loving family. Would you pray that Israel would find his forever family soon?



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