Dana, a Heroic Foster Mom in India

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One of the key programs that A Family For Every Orphan supports is the training and equipping of local leaders in biblical view of adoption and trauma informed care. We are so grateful for our partnership with LAMb International, as they are key in facilitating and leading these trainings on the ground.

While the United States has developed foster care and adoption systems, most of the world has not. Our leaders in the field, in Ghana, Nepal, Romania and beyond are working hard to build a foundation for these systems, to not only be put in place but to flourish.

This month trainings are being facilitated in 3 regions of India. The goal to catalyze, further equip and strengthen the leaders who are working with orphaned and vulnerable children. 

From the ground, we want to share one story this week to show you who it is you are helping through your support of A Family For Every Orphan.

Dana, a Heroic Foster Mom in India

Meet Dana. Just after she was born, her father died. In India, it's nearly impossible for a single mother to keep a family together. Fortunately, Dana's mom never had to put her in an orphanage. With the support of her workplace, Dana's mom sent her to a boarding school. Though he is grateful for her education, both Dana and her mom were sad to be apart from each other. Dana's mom was only able to visit a few times a year, whereas the other children's parents came weekly. In that time, Dana’s heart was molded to care for children like her. She longed to give family and a home to children who had none. 

Now, in her mid-forties, Dana cares for 30+ children, 15 of which are staying full time with her as her daughters. Dana's mother is her only aid, living alongside the family as a grandmother. 

Visiting the family's home, you can see that this is no ordinary orphanage. Dana has truly turned her apartment into a home for her girls. She is a heroic foster mom. Her girls run throughout the house, laughing, singing and dancing. You’ll notice that they’re very clean. Dana shared how difficult it was to grow up without anyone to help her oil and braid her hair. She shared her struggles to keep her clothes clean, living on her own in a hostel. She makes it a priority that these girls will have access to fresh clothes, bathing facilities and teaches the girls how to do each other's hair. 

After the 3-day training was complete, we asked Dana, what she will implement from what she has learned? She started off saying that she has attended many trainings before, but this one taught her something she’d never thought of before. She went on to explain how she learned that children’s brains are actually affected by their hard backgrounds. They’re hurting and unable to make decisions by choice and develop further as they should naturally. Instead, they are reacting. She wants to create stronger relationships with the girls to help them heal from those traumas. Dana also emphasized her new priority to help the girls know their history and maintain their identity.

Please keep Dana and her girls in your prayers. Dana has a dream to adopt four of the girls legally. This is a huge dream for a single mother in India. We stand with Dana, believing that every child should have a loving forever family. 

Dana, a Heroic Foster Mom in India

In this first training, 40+ leaders were trained in their local language. These 40+ represent extensive children's ministry network, but in of themselves touch the lives of 1170+ children every week directly. 

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