Prayer Bracelets for Orphans

Prayer Bracelets for OrphansOrphans in India showing off their special prayer bracelets made by children in the U.S.HEY KIDS! 

Will you send a special gift and reminder to an orphan that they are loved? You can make a prayer bracelet for an orphan in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ukraine and Uganda! Every time they wear their bracelet, they will know that someone in the U.S. is thinking of them and praying for them.

Orphans want to know they are special—that somewhere, someone loves them and is praying for them. On November 8th, Orphan Sunday, churches in 70 countries around the globe will join hands to pray and care for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. You can play a part in this by making a special prayer bracelet to send to an orphan in another country.

For parents/teachers:

Our team and international partners will distribute these bracelets to orphans in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ukraine and Uganda in early 2016. We’ll send photos and stories back to you that you can share with your kids. Unfortunately, won’t be able to track each bracelet individually, but we know the kids will love them! Here is a bookmark so your kids can pray for orphans as they make the bracelets and as they are being distributed overseas.

Thank you for thinking of orphans around the globe. They will be so happy to be connected with kids in America through the bracelets! And they will be even happier to know that kids across the ocean are praying for them to find permanent, loving, Christian families—which for many of them is their most cherished dream.

Contact Elaine to make shipping arrangements.

Prayer Bracelets for OrphansSomeone likes her prayer bracelet!

Bracelet ideas & resources

Because of travel and weight restrictions, we ask that the children make only simple friendship bracelets with no beads or embellishments.


  • Embroidery floss. Available at craft stores.
  • Rubber bands. Available at dollar stores, craft stores, some beauty stores and drugstores, or online. Some sites (like Amazon) also sell latex-free rubber bands.
  • Small crochet hook. (Not everyone finds a crochet hook helpful, but they often come in the prepackaged kits if you don't have one at home
  • C-clips or other fasteners such as ribbon, thread, string, yarn—or an additional rubber band! C-clips are available in craft & other stores, in many bracelet kits and online.

Embroidery floss bracelets

Rubber band bracelets

The possibilities are endless, and each bracelet will bring joy to an orphaned child. Thank you!

Prayer Bracelets for OrphansFriends in Ukraine loved the bracelets that were sent last year!

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