This Christmas, Give Natalia the Gift of Family!


This Christmas, Give Natalia the Gift of Family!


Thank you for supporting Natalia's adoption! With your help, Natalia's new parents were able to provide her with ongoing medical treatment and set up a bedroom for her in their home to finalize her adoption. Your generosity provided hope and a home for this sweet little girl! 






As 2016 comes to an end, our hearts are stirring with joyful anticipation of Christmas. In this season of advent, this season of waiting, there is a little girl named Natalia in Romania who has been waiting her whole life to be loved. Natalia spent the first fifteen months of her life in a hospital, never having felt the sun or fresh air, never seeing the world outside her hospital room walls. Unfortunately, this happens all too often to orphans who are abandoned at birth, resulting in illnesses, developmental delays, and psychological complications.  

However, there is hope for Natalia! A loving, Christian family in Romania desperately wants to adopt this precious little girl, but they need your help.

This Christmas, would you consider giving a gift that will allow Natalia to celebrate Christmas with her new family?


This Christmas, Give Natalia the Gift of Family!


Natalia was born with a severe skin disease called ichthyosis vulgaris that causes her skin to be very dry and scaly, resulting in patches of skin that resemble fish scales. Due to her disease Natalia lived in a hospital for over a year, unwanted and abandoned.

Thankfully a wonderful couple saw more to Natalia than her skin condition and opened their hearts and home to this little girl who has been aching for affection and permanency. Andrei and Ani, the couple that wishes to adopt Natalia, have been pouring their hearts into working with her daily, teaching her how to speak, play and interact with other children. Their three young boys, Stefan (9), Eric (6) and Tobias (2) are excited to become her big brothers.

In order for the family to officially adopt Natalia, they must be able to provide for her ongoing medical care as well as demonstrate that they have an adequate bedroom for her in their house. Your gift will help provide them with reliable transportation to medical appointments as well as a bed, other basic necessities and prescription medications. 

Andrei remembers being concerned that Natalia never cried or made noise when they first met her. This is a common side effect for children whose cries have been consistently ignored. Yet in the few short months Natalia has been under the caring and watchful eye of her future adoptive family, she has found her voice. She now calls Ani “mama” and even bosses her new brothers around!

Your help will not only allow Natalia to continue to progress developmentally and provide relief to the symptoms of her disease, but she will be allowed to thrive within the stable environment of her new family.

Natalia, whose name literally means “the birth of our Lord,” is learning to receive love and is being taught by example what it means to give love; her little heart will be prepared to receive Christ this Christmas.

As we continue to prepare our own hearts during this advent season of waiting and anticipation, may we be compelled to action by the plight of little ones like Natalia. God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas and throughout 2017!


This Christmas, Give Natalia the Gift of Family!

Your gift will help little Natalia be adopted into a loving, Christian home. Will you prayerfully consider supporting Natalia this Christmas season?




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