Your Selfless Giving Gave Othniel A Chance at A Joyful Life

Update on Othniel: July 2017

Othniel was once abdandoned and now he is adored! Thanks to your generous giving, Othniel is officially adopted! 

Othniel is blossoming through the love of his adoptive family. After additional tests to assess his development, Othniel was diagnosed with severe intellectual disability, but this did not discourage his new parents. They praise God for who Othniel is in Christ, who made him wonderfully! He is cherished in his family and has the opportunity to reach his full potential as the child of God he was created to be.

Thank you for your selfless giving, which gave Othniel a chance at a joyful life and a family to call his own.

Your Selfless Giving Gave Othniel A Chance at A Joyful Life


Born without eyes and a severe case of cerebral palsy, Othniel was given up to an orphanage in India shortly after he was born. For two years, he survived drinking only bottles of milk and lying in a crib. Othniel missed many developmental milestones because the orphanage couldn’t provide him with the specialized attention he needed. However, everything changed drastically the day that a local Christian couple walked into Othniel’s life.


This Easter season, would you consider making a special gift that will allow Othniel to be adopted?


This local couple knew God had called them to become Othniel’s parents and they set to work to make it happen. Othniel will be their fourth adopted child, in addition to three biological children. Despite the fact that Indian law says that they could not legally adopt again and already reached the maximum number of children in their home, the couple was certain that God spoke to them about the little boy who laid in a cradle and could not see. He was meant to be their son! 

The $3,000 cost of the adoption fees alone are daunting to this large family, not to mention the costs of caring for Othniel’s special needs…but they will not be deterred from what they know God has called them to do. 

Any financial gifts you provide will go towards the legal adoption fees that will allow Othniel to remain permanently in his family.  If not enough funds are raised for his adoption, Othniel will be returned to the care of the state. Your generosity will not only allow Othniel to stay with this family who loves him so dearly. He will continue to progress developmentally and physically under the individualized attention of a mother and father. He will also have the opportunity to reach his full potential as the child of God he was created to be.

Thank you for your loving concern for children like Othniel! This Easter season, as we contemplate the sacrifices that Jesus made in laying down his life for us, we hope you are as inspired as we were by the example of men and women like this wonderful local couple who are laying down their lives for the sake of the world’s most vulnerable.








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